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Our manufacturing expertise is as wide as the potential uses for plastic packaging. From blisters and clamshells manufactured in .010” PVC to material handling sleeves made out of 10MM corrugated plastic with  formed internal dunnage, CP Products has the knowledge to convert and combine a multitude of reusable substrates into a returnable package that works for you.  Included in the niche packaging that we manufacture is the ability to handle industry specific ESD packaging requirements to address Anti-Static, Static Dissipative and Conductive material.


Niche Packaging

Our specialty is developing cost effective, returnable packaging for a spectrum of industries as diverse as agricultural to high tech aerospace and everything in between.  Investing in reusable packing is an investment in your business, reducing the per trip cost of packaging by as much as 70%.

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Our Mission..

  • To Take Care of Our Customers, because if we don’t somebody else will!!
  • To treat our customers the way we would like our vendors to treat us.
  • To have the courage to speak the truth in all situations.