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Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated Plastic Fabrication encompasses the processes we use to describe the designing and manufacturing of corrugated plastic boxes. Historically, this represents the “Kiva Container” portion of our business.  Whether it is totes, bins, divider sets, Recycle Bins or simple pads, corrugated plastic is a practical option to traditional paper corrugated when reusability or cleanliness is an issue.  Added to the mix of established corrugated designs is the ability to set the box up with the added rigidity of wire reinforcement.

Is reusability a viable concern?  The United States Postal Service is the standard bearer when it comes to defining reusability.  The totes (CPP P/N NE.181311) that you have seen around (some probably in your own mail room…) outlasted the comparable solid fiber nestable tote 20 to 1, at a little over 4 times the cost.  Bottom line, there was a 75% reduction in the cost per use – don’t you wish that all government programs worked that well?