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Standard Items

While CP Products does not ‘stock’ manufactured product waiting for customers to buy, we do stock the raw material that represents the foundation for those items.  It allows ultimate flexibility within our raw material storage – if you need a US Postal Bushel Bin, CP Products having a Recycling Container doesn’t do you much good.  We have tailored or stock material for efficiency in producing standard products. We have both formed and fabricated standard items. 

What are you looking for; an airport luggage handling tote, a multi-cavity tray, a mailroom letter tray, recycling container or a host of other ‘standard’ items.  Because we manufacture to your needs, we can offer different colors and printing – so we ask you; what are you looking for?



Conductive IC Shipper

Conductive IC Shippers eliminate the need for static shielding bags. Conductive crosslink foam on the bottom provides for insertion of leads to hold in place during transport. Static dissipative cushioning foam is adhered to the top. CP Products can custom fit the interior with a static protective thermoformed insert to fit your component or component kit precisely. Custom Sizes Are Available..


Conductive Hinged Lid Boxes

We Carry a Wide Range Of Standard Conductive Hinged Lid Boxes. sizes all the way down at 2 x 2 x .125 all the way up to 5 x 7 x 1.75. HERE is a link to most of the box sizes we carry, if you have a special size needed or a certian setup we always try to accomidate that.


Airline Totes

Also known as airline tubs or baggage handling tubs, we have many different sizes available and they can come in many different colors. Some sizes available include 28 x 21 x 6, 30.25 x 20.25 x 8.5 and 35.4 x 23.5 x 5.



Wet Floor Signs

These are your Standard yellow wet floor signs, one side is in english, the other in spanish. These can usually ship bewtween 2-3 weeks and can be customized to if need be with different colors or printing.


Bushel Bin

Our Bushel Bins can come in color, the standard one is blue, black or white and is 18x13x11. These also can usually ship within a week to two weeks, and can be customized when it comes to color or the need for printing. 


Recycle Bin

Our Recycling Bin has become a huge hit in the recent years, the standard bin is 15x15x30 black with white letters but can be customized to whatever your looking for. They usually can ship within 1.5 weeks from an order.